BIOIONIX®Technology that is USDA approved to promote safe and natural cleaning of drinking water, animal disinfecting, equipment and building surfaces, along with internal pipes can be your disinfection partner throughout your dairy facility and process.

BIOIONIX® technology and knowledge can be applied to not just prevent and protect from illnesses, but also improve animal health, production and safety for both the animals and humans working within the animal-controlled environments.

Patented and proven BIOIONIX® systems are FDA and USDA approved as a chemical-free solution for disinfection in all stages of food manufacturing.

Total Dairy Facilities Including

  • Treating water supply with low levels of HClO through a BIOIOINIX system can substantially reduce harmful diseases in the water supply.
  • This in turn can improve animal health and reduce a dependence on expensive antibiotic usage.
  • HClO in controlled concentration is safe and beneficial both for animals and humans.
  • HClO provides a safe disinfecting within drinkers, water lines and dump tanks safely and naturally.
  • Used in soaker systems the cows will receive a safe shower of HClO on cow surface, which can reduce diseases like Mastitis, SCC etc.
  • HClO is a proven antiseptic on open wounds and sores of the animals.
  • Running HClO through a fogging or misting system is a safe way to reduce exposure to airborne diseases introduced into the building or transferred between animals.
  • Some waste treatment water can be run through the BIOIONIX system to eliminate introducing some harmful pathogens, chemicals and diseases. In turn makes dumping of the water safer.
  • HClO sprayed on manure can kill harmful bacteria and pathogens making the manure safer to be spread on fields or used as organic fertilizers.

Calf Rearing

  • Cleaning of Pens with HClO is a safe and non-chemical treatment.
  • Prevents many Calf diseases safely and effectively, which in turn reduces costly antibiotic usage.
  • HClO can improve animal development and health.

Milking Parlor

  • Cleaning or sanitation of all milking equipment both internal and external with HClO in the milking parlor area is more effective and safer, as it is stronger, non-corrosive and safer to both humans and animals.
  • In most large-farm applications it is cheaper and safer than expensive harmful chemicals.
  • HClO at controlled levels is a more perfect solution to clean teats. More effective and safer than other teat dips. Also, it is very safe to skin and continues to support bacterial suppression on both animals and humans
  • On foot baths HClO at controlled concentration is effective in killing and protecting the animal hooves from many diseases. It also is safe to use and dispose of after use unlike many extreme chemicals used in this application.

Transportation Vehicles for Animals

  • Cleaning trucks and other means to move and transport animals to harvest with HClO is a safe and extremely efficient for disease and pathogen control.
  • It is also non-corrosive and safe for vehicle and vehicle operators.

BIOIONIX® Dairy Processing Applications

  • Spatial Disinfection
  • Line Cleaning
  • Teet Dip
  • Drinking Water Disinfection
  • Chemical Replacement
  • Soaker System Disinfection
  • Biosecurity
BIOIONIX® Dairy Processing Applications
FDA/USDA approved
Pathogen Elimination


BIOIONIX offers a variety of applications to eliminate disease and pathogens from farming environments all safely without harmful chemicals, from fogging, spraying, watering for feeding and more.

More Perfect Solution

The BIOIONIX systems, utilizing Electrolyzed Water could be the complete system to address disease and pathogens with complete disinfection solutions from farm to fork.

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