Egg Processing Disinfection and Elimination of Avian Influenza

Poultry & Egg Processing Disinfection

The United States produced 95,647 million eggs in 2021. That equates to 280 eggs per person in the country. Needless to say, eggs are a staple of the American diet. However, the industry faces significant challenges today. Avian Influenza has presented unprecedented pressures on the egg market. Producers are looking for ways to protect their flocks while also increasing production. The industry needs new interventions and BIOIONIX® offers multiple applications for treatment of breeders, layers and pullets. From spray and fog applications to disinfection of drinking lines, we can offer producers new more perfect solutions. In manufacturing, using BIOIONIX to clean and disinfect table eggs is a proven technology to reduce foodborne pathogen exposure to consumers. The same as all BIOIONIX uses, these applications are done with a premium on sustainability.

Egg Laying Production (Including Pullets)

  • Added fogging can safely clean cages and manure belts and is non corrosive.
  • Independent studies show washing of eggs with hypochlorous acid is a safe and effective shell surface cleaner. In addition, the hypochlorous can be absorbed into the egg and reduce Salmonella and other disease growth within the egg.
  • Independent studies show that birds hatched from these eggs are healthier.
  • If the treated eggs are cooked and cleaned after deshelling they have a longer shelf life and improved egg texture and taste.


  • Hypochlorous is a safe, effective and non-corrosive cleaner and disinfectant for all equipment.
  • All incoming water can be treated and safe levels of hypochlorous added to water supply for washdown cleaning of equipment.
  • Independent studies show hypochlorous acid in controlled levels in the water and ingested through drinking, eating and breathing is safe and beneficial for humans in the workplace.
  • Some waste treatment water can be run through the BIOIOINIX® system to eliminate introducing some harmful pathogens, chemicals and diseases. In turn makes dumping of the water safer.

Transportation Vehicles for Animals

  • Cleaning trucks and other means to move and transport animals to harvest with HCOI is a safe and extremely efficient for disease and pathogen control.
  • It is also non-corrosive and safe for vehicle and vehicle operators.

Post Harvest with Poultry and Egg Protein Products for Human Consumption

  • Eliminate harmful and costly chemicals that are dangerous for use, storage, handling and disposing!
  • Incoming water can be cleaned and treated with safe levels of HCOI.


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The Poultry Industry always has its challenges with disease and pathogens. Never have we seen more of the financial and ecological devastation of the avian flu in the poultry industry. There’s a better way to manage the process and we have the solution that is safer, cleaner and healthier for the animals, the workers and the planet.

The BIOIONIX® technology and knowledge can be applied to not just prevent and protect from these catastrophes, but actually improve animal health, production and safety for both the animals and humans working within the animal-controlled environments.

Here are some of the applications and benefits:

Poultry (Including Turkey Broiler and Breeder Farms)

  • Running ground or city water through our chambers can kill and eliminate harmful diseases.
  • The residual hypochlorous acid that is created from the chamber safely turns the drinking water into natural and safe immune-fighting solution that the birds drink and absorb into their bodies.
  • It will also clean out biofilms in the water lines and formed on the nipple drinkers.
  • Independent studies show that drinking this treated water can reduce dependence and use on costly antibiotics.
  • Other independent studies demonstrate healthier and faster growth along with reduced sickness and decreased mortality rates.
  • Adding the hypochlorous acid to misting, fogging and cooling systems in an animal-controlled environment can safely kill and substantially reduce airborne pathogens and diseases like avian influenza on intake, internal and exhaust air.
  • Misting and fogging systems can be applied to the ceiling, walls and floors and can safely kill and substantially reduce pathogens and diseases.
  • The same systems can be used to clean out the buildings between flocks safely for all workers, eliminating harmful chemicals including disinfectants.
  • Reduces smell on exhaust air and protection from spreading disease.

Poultry (Post-Harvest)

  • Eliminate chemicals used in the processing of poultry.
  • Elimination of harmful bacteria, pathogens, and viruses of poultry in immersion, dip-tank, and spray applications
  • Increase poultry process throughput by eliminating microbial concerns and allowing flexibility on processing temperature constraints.
  • Use BIOIOINIX® SuperOxidants™ to fog any facility to improve air quality, reduce risk of cross contamination, and eliminate airborne bacteria, pathogens, and viruses.
  • Extend shelf-life through the elimination of spoilage bacteria.
  • Using BIOIONIX spray technology, eliminates 99.9% surface contaminants and biofilms without any added chemicals.
  • Eliminate the need of corrosive chemicals in any de-feathering application.

Transportation Vehicles for Animals

  • Cleaning trucks and other means to move and transport animals to harvest with HCOI is a safe and extremely efficient for disease and pathogen control.
  • It is also non-corrosive and safe for vehicle and vehicle operators.

BIOIONIX Egg & Poultry Applications:

  • Drinking Water Treatment
  • Spatial & Container Disinfection
  • General Sanitation
  • Egg Wash and Egg Decontamination
  • Layerage and Coop Disinfection
  • Surface & Spray Disinfection
  • Chemical Replacement
  • Avian Influenza Mitigation
  • Biosecurity
  • Multi-intervention Salmonella Reduction
  • Plucker-fingers Disinfection
  • Dip Tank Disinfection
  • CIP Disinfection
  • Immersion Bath Disinfection
  • Spiral Chiller Disinfection
Poultry & Egg Processing Disinfection
FDA/USDA approved
Pathogen Elimination


BIOIONIX offers a variety of applications to eliminate disease and pathogens from farming environments all safely without harmful chemicals, from fogging, spraying, watering for feeding and more.

More Perfect Solution

The BIOIONIX systems, utilizing Electrolyzed Water could be the complete system to address disease and pathogens with complete disinfection solutions from farm to fork.

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