Cheese plants have tried many solutions to control microbial levels within their brine solution and plants which have all come up short. UV cannot penetrate the turbidity of the liquid; chlorine shock treatments require a stop in production for extended periods of time with a short term effect; UF systems are extremely expensive to purchase and operate with not being completely effective; Pasteurization is time-consuming and very harsh on the equipment with no residual effect; Ozone is extremely volatile and only kills at the point of contact; Sorbates are an inhibitor and do not have an effective kill rate.

The BIOIONIX® solution eliminates bacteria, yeast/mold, pathogens and other contaminants without harmful chemicals and provides a sustainable solution to save on brine dumping.

Cheese Brine Liquid Treatment
Cheese Brine Liquid Treatment
  • Elimination of bacteria, yeast/mold, pathogens and other contaminants in tanks, silo, vat, or spray applications.
  • BIOIONIX® increases process throughput by reducing microbial loads and providing flexibility on brining temperature constraints.
  • Use BIOIONIX SuperOxidants™ to fog any facility to improve air quality, reduce risk of cross contamination, and eliminate airborne bacteria, pathogens, and viruses.
  • Elimination of spoilage bacteria to extend product shelf-life.
  • BIOIONIX provides safe and consistent topical disinfection in any spray application.
  • Disinfect equipment using BIOIONIX spray technology to eliminate bacteria, pathogens, and biofilms.
  • Generate on-site disinfection through use of cow water.

BIOIONIX’s Cheese Brine liquid treatment systems deliver a continuous “Clean Break” disinfection method which eliminates the need to shut down production for shock treatments or pasteurization of the brine. The strong oxidations destroy biofilms keeping UF (Ultrafiltration) and MF (Microfiltration) membranes cleaner. In other words, you clean less often, use less chemicals and extend the operating life of the membranes significantly. All yeast, mold, listeria and other bacteria are destroyed resulting in a safer product with a longer shelf life. Even on sensitive products such as fresh mozzarella, there is no affect to taste, texture or color.

With real time data monitoring, our automated control system provides the documentation you need and the confidence you want.

Cheese Brine Liquid Treatment
FDA/USDA approved
Pathogen Elimination


BIOIONIX offers a variety of applications to eliminate disease and pathogens from farming environments all safely without harmful chemicals, from fogging, spraying, watering for feeding and more.

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The BIOIONIX systems, utilizing Electrolyzed Water could be the complete system to address disease and pathogens with complete disinfection solutions from farm to fork.

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