BIOSAIF24/7 Software. . .

  • is the artificial intelligent proprietary software and service package that maintains the BIOIONIX® system.
  • is our AI (Artificial Immune System) monitoring system that ensures the BIOIONIX® system safely and continually performs to customer expectations. BIOSAIF24/7 has a self-diagnostic preventative maintenance system, virtually eliminating system failure. It provides monitoring and report writing geared to application requirements.

  • gives customers peace of mind that we are working 24/7 to ensure system performance.

* All of our solutions come with a tablet and built in AI system with automated alerts that let you and our remote team monitor the system, adjust and keep it performing at its best.

Patented BIOSAIF24/7 is the Tier-Three of the BIOIONIX® More Perfect Solution to your disinfection needs.

In collaboration with our customers/partners, we develop the ideal application design for your feed safety needs, integration, system reporting, trouble-free operation service package and sustainability support marketing.

  • Remote system monitoring and alerts 24/7.
  • Customized reporting on system performance and application integration.
  • Yearly maintenance and optimal system operation.
  • Saves on labor, downtime, costly operator errors and mistakes.
  • Peace of mind through remote monitoring that the BIOSAIF24/7 is running and safely ensuring the operation of your business.
Patented BIOSAIF24/7

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