Raw & RTE Meat

In the past, many meat processors provided a level of pathogen control using expensive and toxic chemicals, ultraviolet radiation (UV) and even pasteurization. In most cases their own laboratory test results typically have shown limited efficacy. Those that use brining have resulted in the need to discharge this brine as often as daily.

BIOIONIX disinfects turbid brine that is opaque in color and that contains significant levels of suspended and dissolved solids. The BIOIONIX process is safe, reliable and environmentally friendly. Today the BIOIONIX system is replacing these methods and is providing effective long-term microbial control of meat processing liquids. BIOIONIX systems have been proven reliable and effective in multiple large commercial installations at leading meat processors. In many plants this can lead to longer processing production times and reduced time spent on CIP cleaning. The BIOIOINX process can eliminate high chlorides from being discharged while providing an added layer of protection to your product.

In these new times, companies are now needing to save water resources, eliminate chemicals, use less and develop new more sustainable solutions. BIOIONIX is a more perfect solution for your disinfection needs while meeting sustainability goals and improving the quality of your meat.

Raw/RTE Meat:

  • Elimination of chemicals in brine chillers and other spray applications for the processing of Raw and RTE Meat.
  • Elimination of spoilage bacteria to extend product shelf life.
  • Use BIOIONIX® SuperOxidants™ to fog any facility to improve air quality, reduce risk of cross contamination, and eliminate airborne bacteria, pathogens, and viruses.
  • Spray down of raw meat to eliminate bacteria and pathogens prior to processing.
  • Make blood clean up easy using BIOIONIX solution or spraying down of floors.
  • Disinfect equipment using BIOIONIX spray technology to eliminate bacteria, pathogens, and biofilms.
  • Eliminate harmful bacteria, pathogens, and viruses of meat in immersion, dip-tank, and spray applications

Patented and proven BIOIONIX® systems are FDA and USDA approved as a chemical-free solution for disinfection in all stages of food manufacturing.

BIOIONIX® Raw/RTE Meat Applications
  • Spray Disinfection
  • Brine Chiller Disinfection
  • CIP Disinfection
  • Injector Disinfection
  • Packaging Disinfection
  • General Sanitation
  • Chemical Replacement
  • Spatial Disinfection
  • Ice/Storage Disinfection
BIOIONIX® Raw/RTE Meat Applications
FDA/USDA approved
Pathogen Elimination


BIOIONIX offers a variety of applications to eliminate disease and pathogens from farming environments all safely without harmful chemicals, from fogging, spraying, watering for feeding and more.

More Perfect Solution

The BIOIONIX systems, utilizing Electrolyzed Water could be the complete system to address disease and pathogens with complete disinfection solutions from farm to fork.

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