Seafood Industry

In many areas of the world, premium seafood is sometimes unable to be harvested or is potentially destroyed due to HAB (Harmful Algae Blooms), high counts of dangerous bacteria and viruses. Some farmers are forced to stop harvesting during heavy rains due to high bacteria levels caused by run-off waters entering their growing grounds coming from land.

Once your product is harvested, it needs to make it either to market or the processing plant. During this transportation, your product is at risk of cross contamination. After the product makes it to the plant, many post-processing steps are performed to also disinfect.

BIOIONIX® is able to provide many solutions to these industries, from depuration treatments, ice storage disinfection to final spray and immersion interventions in the processing plants. Our liquid treatment systems do not require any expensive filtration equipment typically found in seawater treatment and with the automation capabilities, you have complete control over your process. This will allow you to harvest on a routine basis, regardless of the water conditions and help you confidently get your product to market safe a secure.

  • The BIOIONIX® system is an extremely effective and safe way to treat incoming water, well tank water, ballast water — along with water dumped back into the sea or ocean.
  • Proven to kill many diseases including Red Tide, our patented system is a non-chemical and safe treatment for both fish, humans and the environment.
  • Packing ice treated with HCOI from the BIOIONIX system is effective on killing listeria and other diseases, along with increasing shelf life and reducing smell.
  • Treating the water to clean the boats and equipment is more effective than disinfectants like bleach, safe for the environment and humans, along with being corrosion resistant.
  • Improves water clarity through reduction of harmful algae.

BIOIONIX Seafood Applications

  • Algae destruction
  • Spray/Topical Disinfection
  • Immersion Disinfection
  • Ice Storage Disinfection
  • General Sanitation
  • Chemical Replacement
Seafood Applications


With over 70% of the Earth’s surface covered in seawater, it’s no wonder why there are as many industries using seawater as there are. This usage will certainly go up in the years to come and we need to do our best to preserve it. Some of the largest users involve ballast water, well boats, fish farming and fracking water.

Within these aquaculture industries the most readily available resource can be a problem as seawater commonly contains many species that are not desired for the use of your application. Ship ballast tanks are the largest contributor to invasive species around the world while bacteria found in fracking water degrades the product making it less valuable to the supplier.

Fish farmers have to protect their product from destruction of HAB (Harmful Algae Blooms) and also continue harvesting on a routine basis in order to be successful. Product has to make it from the ocean-based cages to the processing plants in large transportation well boats where the fish are kept alive.

BIOIONIX has developed seawater liquid treatment systems that can take on these enormous flow rates while still being able to discharge the effluent directly back into the sea. No expensive filtration equipment is needed to support our operation and with our refined designs we promote easy integration into your process.

Eliminate your downtime and product losses by safely treating your seawater. With BIOSAIF24/7 real-time data monitoring, our automated control system provides the documentation you need and the confidence you want.

  • The BIOIONIX system is 99% efficient at protecting processing facilities by eliminating harmful bacteria, algae, and pathogens in incoming water.
  • Any dumped or disposed water in most applications can be treated for safe disposal.
  • Reduce/eliminate fish smell from spoilage organisms.
  • On many fish, mollusk and seaweed applications, the BIOINIOX solution is a non-chemical way to disinfect and safely promote health and growth.
  • BIOIONIX works well in any aquaculture nursery application for easy natural, chemical-free, and organic disinfection.
  • BIOIONIX is the only method to sustainably disinfect and protect our seawaters.

BIOIONIX Aquaculture Applications

  • Algae Destruction
  • Depuration Disinfection
  • Spray/Topical Disinfection
  • CIP Disinfection
  • Immersion Disinfection
  • Spiral Chiller Disinfection
  • Ice Storage Disinfection
  • General Sanitation
  • Chemical Replacement
Aquaculture Applications
FDA/USDA approved
Pathogen Elimination


BIOIONIX offers a variety of applications to eliminate disease and pathogens from farming environments all safely without harmful chemicals, from fogging, spraying, watering for feeding and more.

More Perfect Solution

The BIOIONIX systems, utilizing Electrolyzed Water could be the complete system to address disease and pathogens with complete disinfection solutions from farm to fork.

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