BIOIONIX® Applications

Over 100 independent research papers and counting have shown how the BIOIONIX® patented three-tier system applied properly can eliminate toxic chemicals; improve animal and aqua culture life; reduce dumping and waste; eradicate disease and pathogens; improve shelf life, taste and texture! Substantially reduce your risk to a costly recall!

The versatility of the Patented BIOIONIX three-tier system can be easily applied to these numerous applications.

Brine Treatment

Ideal for immersion applications, our patented and proven three-tier system naturally cleans brine with our SuperOxidants™ and then releases a safe and natural disinfectant that reduces harmful pathogens and bacteria. At the same time, improving shelf life, taste and texture. We also substantially reduce dumping and waste of brine through recycling, cleaning and re-use.

Topical and Spray Treatment

Using BIOIONIX®, decrease topical bacteria and spoilage organisms without the need for chemical additives. Topical applications can be a great way to increase shelf-life in a variety of applications including Raw Meat, RTE Meat, Cheese, Aquaculture, Poultry, and Produce.

Immersion Treatment

BIOIONIX® allows for natural disinfection of immersion processes including spiral, dip tanks, and VAT treatment amongst many other solutions. Allowing SuperOxidants™ to be the vehicle of disinfection, you can expect a cleaner product and equipment through the elimination bacteria and biofilms.

CIP (Clean in Place)

The BIOIONIX disinfection system is an ideal clean-in-place solution to completely replace harmful chemicals. Using our three-tier patented system, water is recirculated through our SuperOxidant™ chamber for chemical-free disinfection. Experience more perfect disinfection that results in 6-10 log reduction of L. Mono in less than 2 seconds. With the release of our natural and safe to employees, non-corrosive HCIO disinfectant, all surfaces are cleaned, and the residual treated water continues to disinfects. Drainage water can be recycled — or when dumped or disposed of — can complement your waste water strategy!

Drinking Water Treatment

Natural treatment of Cattle, poultry and swine drinking water has shown in many independent studies to promote animal health, growth and mortality!

Spiral Chillers

By using our BIOIONIX patented three-tier system chiller water can be cleaned and recycled without the use of toxic and harmful chemicals. With the release of our natural HCIO disinfectant into the solution all meats, seafood and cheese be safely treated. The BIOIONIX system can operate efficiently and effectively in cold solutions which adds to the impairment of bacteria, disease and pathogen growth.

Ocean-Based High-Powered Water Treatment Systems

The patented BIOIONIX disinfection system used on well boats and water ballast systems naturally and safely disinfects incoming, recirculated and expelled water including harmful red tide destruction.

Air and Surface Treatment

Introducing the patented BIOIONIX system through fogging, misting, air scrubbers and surface spraying in farms, processing plants, transportation, restaurants and grocery stores has shown significant reduction of harmful pathogens and airborne diseases like avian influenza, swine flu, covid, listeria, salmonella and many more.

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