McFarland, WI, U.S.A.: Bioionix, Inc, ( has shipped the first Coaxial Sanitary System CXS to Canada last month to support a large volume, high quality cheese manufacturer. The CXS105 system will be installed to disinfect brine used in the swiss cheese production process, also a first for the company. The Bioionix CXS System provides cheese manufacturers with confidence and risk management by eliminating harmful bacteria such as listeria, also the benefit of an extended product shelf life by destroying spoilage organisms in the brine.

This CXS105 Model is capable of treating over 300 gallons per minute, which allows production to increase with larger batches and faster process. The Bioionix system is superior to other cheese brine disinfection processes by eliminating microbial growth without adding any chemicals to the manufacturing operations. Companies utilizing the CXS technology, which produces SuperOxidants™ from the salt brine, operate sustainably and save on the recurring costs of purchasing, storage, employee training and disposal of chemicals. John Van Arsdale, Director Sales and Marketing states, “The Bioionix system is flexible and scalable to create a customized food safety solution greatly reducing the risk of harmful pathogens in the brine and also makes the process more efficient.” The oxidation also increases the life of the brine, decreases and even eliminates dumping of this valuable resource.

Canada is one of the major cheese-producing countries in the world and Canadian cheese is internationally renowned for its variety and high quality. Similar to the US, the Canadian Cheese Market is expanding in response to consumer consumption. The trend follows suit of the increase observed across the globe with 8.4% CAGR for cheese worldwide. In response, the Bioionix team continues to expand while also establishing global partnerships to keep innovating, developing smaller and more convenient installations, and maintaining integrity in customer care to support this improvement in food technology and sustainability. With the growing global companies implementing sustainability initiatives, the Bioionix system is flagged as a solution that’s a win win for not only reducing carbon footprint, but also providing a return on investment.

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