HOT, HOT, HOT!  The common characteristic between the weather, booth traffic and booth feedback.  July in Tampa Florida can be pretty sticking but thankfully the guys were inside an air conditioned building talking to potential customers.  Exhibiting for the second year, the increase in booth traffic and quality of leads indicates that IAFP is perfect fit the organization and its sales goals.

Potential customer’s range in many industries and countries. This diverse group of attendees has revealed many potential prospects for Bioionix and we see excitement in these various applications due to the overwhelming amount of feedback that what they are currently doing is not working. We also continue to see customer’s from our existing successful applications in meat and cheese brine treatment.

We are still receiving amazing feedback on our new brand image and booth design.  The catchy title is definitely a conversation starter.

Our newest employee at Bioionix, Woody Cain, was able to attend the show to further his knowledge of the system, talk to customers and learn more about potential applications.

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