McFarland, WI, U.S.A.: Bioionix, Inc. ( has shipped a CXS Coaxial System to South Africa to support a Gouda production plant for disinfection of their cheese brine. Despite being a young cheese producing country compared to Europewhere cheeses have been made for centuries, South Africa is forging a path to more sustainable and innovative manufacturing practices. This CXS system will be the first installation in Africa.

Globally, cheese consumption is on the rise at about 1.8%, in South Africa the consumption rate is almost double at 3%. With this growing trend in cheese consumption, Bioionix is predicting tremendous growth in the demand for its electrochemical systems in South Africa and worldwide. The Bioionix system is superior to other meat and cheese brine disinfection processes by eliminating microbial growth without adding any chemicals to the manufacturing processes which is continuous and completely automated.

The Bioionix CXS (coaxial sanitary system) is flexible and creates disinfection breaks that makes the process more efficient at eliminating harmful pathogens in the brine solution. The process also increases the life of the brine, decreases and even eliminates unnecessary bine disposal. The Bioionix CXS System not only supports the cheese making process to provide manufacturers with confidence in eliminating harmful bacteria, but also extends the shelf life. “We’re partnering with companies that are looking to charge their sustainability initiatives and increase food safety standards,” states John Van Arsdale, Director of Sales & Marketing, Bioionix. John continues, “The CXS system eliminates several ongoing cost issues with chemical disinfection…initial purchase, training, treatment and disposal. The CXS system virtually cleans itself along with destroying listeria, yeast and mold.”

Bioionix systems are already being used in a wide variety of challenging liquid disinfection applications, including cheese brine microbial control, meat processing brine chiller disinfection, poultry industry processed product pre-slicing microbial treatment, and seafood processing. With the global growth of 8.4% CAGR for cheese worldwide, Bioionix has expanded its Engineering and Sales & Marketing teams and developing global partnerships to keep innovating, and maintaining integrity in customer care to support global expansion.

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