SPRINGDALE, ARK. — After the capital arm of Tyson Foods Inc., Tyson Ventures, held its first Demo Day event, where entrepreneurs and startups pitched solutions for ecofriendly practices for the food industry, the company selected six of the 20 participants to be its partners as part of its future sustainability programs.

The chosen startups include:

  • AgThera – developers of innovative antimicrobial live biotherapeutics that facilitate the sustainable production of livestock.
  • BioIonix Inc. – a technology platform company that develops, manufactures and distributes proprietary electrolytic systems to eliminate biological and chemical contaminants from water.
  • FR8relay – a transportation company working to create a more efficient, profitable, equitable and sustainable trucking logistics ecosystem.
  • Grain4Grain – a technology firm that specializes in valorizing and upcycling a variety of food byproducts into food-safe ingredients and products for use in materials and cosmetics.
  • Tangible Robotics Inc. – a robotics manufacturer offering the possibility to automate tasks requiring true dexterity and manipulation abilities.
  • Vanguard Renewables – a national leader in developing food and dairy waste-to-renewable energy projects that decarbonize supply chains.

“There’s tremendous talent and innovation in these early startups, and Tyson Foods has an opportunity to learn by collaborating with these young tech companies to create movements poised to disrupt the marketplace,” said Veronica Tapis Banuelos, maintenance planner at Tyson’s Storm Lake, Iowa, plant and a Demo Day executive panelist. “There is strength in unity — working alongside companies whose visions align with our promise for a better tomorrow.”

Tyson said the companies pitched solutions regarding greenhouse gas emission reduction, food waste reduction, animal welfare, regenerative agriculture, packaging, soil health and water management, among others.

Tyson’s new partnerships will help the company work toward its sustainability goals.

“This effort is surfacing the best and brightest innovations to tackle complex industry challenges,” said John R. Tyson, executive vice president and chief sustainability officer. “We’re excited about the promise each startup brings to create a comprehensive approach to sustainable food production.”

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