Bioionix was an exhibitor at the 2017 SPNA (Seafood Processing North America) show held every year in Boston, MA. The show is partnered with Seafood Expo North America but due to the popularity and size an entire hall is designated to SPNA.

Bioionix has been attending this show for several years and has always generated good quality leads. This year with the re-branding efforts of the company, all new collateral material and an entirely new presence at trade shows, the booth traffic was by far the best show Bioionix has ever exhibited at. With redesigned systems, Bioionix can offer many unique variations to our customers at an affordable price. This approach is gaining a lot of traction and we witnessed it here at SPNA 2017 at a much greater scale.

Booth traffic included a wide range of applications in the seafood industry from small depuration systems to large shrimp farming operations.  Much of the traffic came from:

  • Wellboat Companies
  • Processing Vessels
  • Shrimp Farmers
  • Mollusk Depuration
  • Hatcheries
  • Processing Plant Interventions

These are not new applications to Bioionix but now we have several ways to go about treating them. The latest testing results show that Bioionix is not only good at killing that bad stuff found in seawater but now we’ve devised a way to keep the product alive as well (if need be). This will be a requirement for the majority of the seawater applications we are exploring.

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