Slightly Acidic Electrolyzed Water Produces 6-log reduction in L. Mono

Madison WI, December 20, 2022 Initial results of a cooperative study performed at the University of Wisconsin- Madison BioSafety Level 2 Microbiology Laboratory (BSL2), confirms the ability of BIOIONIX, LLC’s CXS Electrolyzed Water Generator to eradicate Listeria Monocytogenes (L. mono) in brine solution provided by a major meat producer. UW- BSL2 performed the study and is finalizing study reports.

The study was conducted by inoculating 100 gallons of used RTE meat brine with >6 logs cfu/ml of Listeria. Upon inoculation, the BIOIONIX® CXS Generator was engaged to reduce the microbial load of the inoculated brine. The system was successfully able to reduce the Listeria levels in the brine to Limit of Detection (<10cfu/ml), essentially a 99.9999% removal of the pathogen. A follow up study of 50 gallons of fresh brine pretreated with the BIOIONIX® system was inoculated with a similar dose of Listeria (>6 logs cfu/ml). Due to the High Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) established by treatment with the Bioionix CXS, the Listeria did not meet Limit of Detection (<10cfu/ml).

Ryan Karns, BIOIONIX President states, “We’re on a mission to make the world’s food and water supply safer! Our proven, approved and patented technology uses non-chemical, natural SuperOxidants to disrupt and destroy the DNA and RNA of pathogens!”

The results align with another study BIOIONIX® had previously performed in conjunction with a different major meat producer, challenging raw poultry with Salmonella.

Listeria and Salmonella are among the most dangerous food-borne pathogens with millions of yearly infections in the US and dozens of yearly outbreaks. These pathogens are particularly dangerous for children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems. In addition, these bacteria are very costly for food producers. USDA statistics show that Listeria and Salmonella are the top two pathogens responsible for food recalls.

BIOIONIX® systems offer a unique chemical-free, non-toxic advantage for food producers. As these studies and others suggest, Slightly Acidic Electrolyzed Water (SAEW) is a safe and highly effective disinfectant in many different applications. BIOIONIX® is the only industrial-scale producer of SAEW in the world.

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